Just two decades ago, a word called social media never existed. But today, more than fifty percent of the population of the world has at least one social media account, and we all know that it is an industry that is making billions of dollars.

It would not be an understatement to say that social media has become an undeniable part of our lives. It is said a normal human being spends a minimum of three hours on a daily basis in various social media platforms. We are sure that most of you might use it, but have you given a thought what is the future of social media going to be? We are going to see this in detail.

Being more mobile-oriented

The one that everyone is sure about when it comes to social media is that all the social media platforms will concentrate more on being mobile friendly. It is because more than sixty percent of the traffic comes from smartphones, and the predominant traffic that comes from the desktop is more of a business-oriented. So the mobile interface and the user experience is more like to get better and better.

The LinkedIn Factor

The word great would be an understatement to describe the growth of LinkedIn. Comparing to all other platforms, the growth has been tremendous, and they are having a great run. For professional advertisements, LinkedIn is more likely to become the numero uno. For ads like requirements, LinkedIn will be the most preferred one, and It will definitely fetch people more potential leads. On a monthly basis, nearly five hundred million people are using LinkedIn. It is definitely going to give a very tough competition to all the other players in the game..

More Concentration on YouTube ads

A lot of new video streaming platforms might pop up. But it would definitely take a lot to shake the dominance and the authority that YouTube commands. One of the main reasons will be the increase in the advertising cost on Instagram and Facebook.  When cost cutting is one of the most important agendas in most of the MNCs and startups, their concentration is more likely to divert to YouTube. A good video ad will be able to reach people and can actually generate many potential leads.

The Insta game for big brands

“A picture is worth a 1000 words” Instagram sure did capitalize on that. More than anything getting acquired by Facebook is more like placing the cherry on the top of the cake. For bigger brands for which cost is not a huge deal, they will definitely stick on the Instagram ads. When it comes to branding as of now, there is no better place than Instagram. So there will be good brand reach and also a better possibility of sales.