Three major releases of high-end Android smartphones will be at the center of nerd’s attention in the last months of 2019. It will be interesting for those who are considering changing their mobile phone by the winter holidays or who hope to get their hands on the device that offers the best value for money.

Huawei Mate 30

Huawei will release a new model from its flagship Mate series. What’s more, if you look back over the past few years, the next Mate may well be the best smartphone of the year. But the Mate 30 could also allow Huawei to get back into everyone’s good papers. At least for some time to come.

If the Mate 20 had inherited the exceptional prowess of the P20 camera, the Mate 30 should do much the same thing with the P30 as its base. The Mate 30 will most likely inherit the P30’s circular rear camera and will have a 3D facial unlocking function. We also know that it will run on the next generation of Kirin processors manufactured in China by Huawei. Finally, according to the latest rumours, Huawei is expected to launch a Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro around September 19, the date Apple has chosen this year for the launch of its iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold has not projected the best image for folding phones. However, the Galaxy Fold still presents itself as the first folding phone available to the general public. We don’t know if Samsung will be able to offer an engaging, robust, and convincing device that will pave the way for a mainstream market. But it will always be exciting to see what the Fold can bring.

Since the forced launch of the Fold in April, there are certainly fewer mysteries about what it contains. But little is known about the design and no information has been leaked about possible design changes. Because the question is whether Samsung’s foldable mobile phone is capable of withstanding regular and daily use. However, the problems encountered by previous versions of the Fold do not make it possible to validate the hype initiated by the manufacturer. In any case, Samsung says the Galaxy Fold will be available in September.

Google’s Pixel 4 released next October

Android fans’ expectations of the fourth generation of Pixel are high. Pixel 4 will already be Google’s first mobile phone with a multi-lens camera. Also, it seems that Google has been very ambitious and promises a great wealth of features. Notably, a 3D facial unlocking function in the Face-ID style, a 90 Hz display and a new form of gestural controls based on the Soli project, first presented by Google in 2015.

And if the Pixel 3a had set the bar higher for mid-range smartphones, the Pixel 4 could well serve as a reference for future premium mobiles. Enough to keep the excitement going! We don’t known when Google plans to deliver its Pixel 4, but the official announcement will likely take place before mid-October. It is usually during this period that Google organizes its Pixel event in anticipation of the holidays.